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June 27 2016


How To Choose A Workshop For Car Repair

Some car owners are fortunate enough to have an established relationship with a trusted mechanic. When their car breaks down, they know exactly what to do. But without a reliable mechanic to call, a driver may struggle to find a mechanic who will do high-quality work without overcharging. There are many car workshops in Singapore, and a driver needs some kind of system for narrowing down the list. The following are some of the main criteria that are important for drivers who need a quick repair.


First of all, location is an important consideration. Most drivers want to find car maintenance workshops in Singapore that are close to their home or place of business so that they will not have to spend a lot of time dropping it off and picking it up. But in the case of an accident or roadside breakdown, a driver might prefer to find car workshops nearby in order to avoid a hefty towing fee.

Allen Baler


Drivers need to find mechanics that have a solid reputation for doing high-quality work and charging fair prices. Recommendations from friends and family can be helpful, as can online reviews. However, reading online reviews of one garage after another can be very time consuming. Fortunately, drivers with smart phones can utilize a mobile app that shows only car workshops singapore that have been well reviewed.


While some garages offer a range of general services, others specialize in certain repairs. For example, some mechanics work primarily on brakes, others specialize in transmissions, others work on tires and wheels, while some workshops do primarily bodywork. For general maintenance, a regular mechanic is the best choice, but if there is a problem confined to a specific area or system of the car, it's an advantage to have a specialist do the work.


Different mechanics may charge significantly different fees for the same job. There are several different factors that go into the cost of a repair, and these include labor, parts, overhead, and additional services. Some workshops may pay their mechanics on a higher scale, increasing a repair cost. Some may have access to inexpensive used parts, which can lower the cost of a job. Some have very nice facilities with the latest equipment, which increases their overhead. It's always worth comparing prices when shopping for a garage, but bear in mind that the cheapest is not always the best. Reputation should always be factored in to the decision. 

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